rolffson's 1401 datacenter 3D simulation

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last update 2021-10-15      (minor text corrections 2021-10-16)

see also the discord channel for more details: 1401 VDC Discord Server

v. 0.2.15:
- bug-fix: forgot to remove the debug outputs for the 1407
- bug-fix: when removing tape from drive, an error "0x0003 - failed to write back tape data in TAU_BP - save tape data" occurs (data is saved envertheless)
- feature: created an Apple Mac version, see downoad area

v. 0.2.14:
- bug-fix: '&' ampersand was ignored on 026 card punch
- bug-fix: when entering data via the AUX panel switches, a set C check bit caused the byte to always be decoded as character 'X' (now C is ignored)
- bug-fix: START button had a 'retrigger' mode; if pressed while already running, it immediately started again at the next halt command.
- feature: an 1407 inquiry station / terminal
- feature: 026 key punch and 1407 can now be left via ESC key
- feature: better readability of Nixie clock from distance
- feature: Nixie clock now usable as stopwatch
- feature: type P to toggle a 1401 panel 'minimap' in main view (non-clickable; just a monitor)
- feature: primitive 'F' command implementation: does an immediate single line feed, indepent of d parameter (behaves like "F J")
- feature: cat now has a 'low poly mouse' to carry around

v. 0.2.13:
- bug-fix: in 0.2.12, at simulation start, the reloading of the cards into the 1402 read chute/hopper was broken (cards were empty)
- bug-fix: A/S add/sub command: zone bits in the middle positions (between overflow and sign pos) ought to be removed in the result (I think)
- bug-fix: 'L %Ux yyy R' read-with-WM, when storing a GM after last character, didn't remove a WM there if present in core before
- bug fix: other than stated ("non-functional"), the right flip switch on the 1402 indeed blocked the push buttons if switched to "READER off"
- feature: 'P' command implemented (like M move command, but uses GM+WM or RM instead of WM as a delimiter)
- feature: 'E' command implemented (allows formatting of numbers, see reference manual. CAUTION: removes left WM; this is as intended!)

v. 0.2.12:
- bug-fix: 729 select lamp was not working
- bug-fix: a rewind (U %Ux R) stalled the system if a write / read (L/R %Ux yyy R/W) was issued before the rewind has finished
- bug-fix: store BAdrReg commad (H xxx / H xxx yyy) changed the BAdrReg; must remain unaltered
- bug-fix: tape read (M/L %Ux yyy R), BAdrReg pointed to group mark at buffer end, correct would be <GM>+1
- bug-fix: 4-char clear wordmark command (lozenge) (q xxx), additionally cleared arbitrary WM
- feature: now with indexed addressing finally!
- feature: menu/export - dump core memory (is part of first achievement)
- feature: menu/options - clear core memory
- feature: quick drawer access (see doc)
- feature: 1402 read hopper now uses shute for more than 15 cards (see doc)
- feature: some minor optical improvements (e.g. tape drive buttons flickering from the distance)
- feature: additional info/help-cubes ("click for info") scattered over the scene

v. 0.2.11:
- bug-fix: '#' address_modification didn't work correctly for higher addresses
- bug fix: "/" clear command: after execution, BAdrReg was on xxx00 instead of yyy99 (chaining worked nevertheless)
- bug fix: message "0x0022 - Reel# zero in TAU_BP save-tape-data" (uncritical) when removing tape from drive
- bug fix: START RESET now resets overflow flag (Z)
- new feature: 729 - on startup, reels are now re-mounted automatically onto drives if they were mounted at last exit
- new feature: 729 - on startup, tape drives now have slide windows down and clamping lever released
- new feature: new hint system regarding the handling, e.g. cards & drawers
- new feature: new clickable objects - new info system for the objects
- new feature: new option page: core reload, reel remount, hints
- new feature: 1402 - printout cycles through long and short view (15 rows) for better overview
- new feature: 1401 - mode ADDRESS_STOP works (see documentation before complaining!)
- new feature: drawers - hitting a 1..9 number key now leaves the card drawers and jumps to the destination, without hitting TAB before
- new feature: some minor optical and animation improvements, e.g. faster reel mount animation

v. 0.2.10:
- bug fix: command 'read tape with word marks' didn't remove existing WM in core.
- bug fix: accordingly, TAPE-LOAD didn't work correctly, since it used that routine

v. 0.2.9:
- bug fix: tape commands (e.g. "M %U1 201 R") didn't work; the 1401 confused the 'U' in '%U1' with indexed addressing, causing an OP error

v. 0.2.8:
- bug fix: card in 026 card punch output stacker couldn't be grabbed
- bug fix: 729 tape drive: forgot to remove some debug printouts for loop length
- feature: 1402 stacker select command (Kd/Kxxxd) now working
- feature: 1402 volume in audio settings

v. 0.2.7:
- feature: now simh format (new & old) supported for punchcard import/export
- feature: sped up '/' clear memory
- bug fix: C compare command issue with wrong collating sequence
- bug fix: K/F command issue, didn't branch in 4-char K/Fxxxd version (still no functionality, but at least it branches now)

v. 0.2.6:
- bug fix: 'A' add, handling of overflow bits (zone bits of left digit) corrected
- bug fix: 'A' add, handling of 'digits' above '0' (821,84,841,842,8421) corrected, these are now mapped to n-8 instead of n-10
- feature: combined I/O commands (3,5,6,7) are now implemented

v. 0.2.5:
- bug fix: 'Y' and 'D' commands (move bits) now work on single character only (before: worked on whole word up to WM, just like 'M')
- bug fix: error in 'A'/'S' (add/sub) for certain sign combinations; lead to halt with op/processing error lamp and check-reset button lit
- feature: TAPE-LOAD button now works (as in real life uses only drive 1)
- feature: BACKSPACE now works (when drive 1..6 set with drive select knob)
- some correction of tape loop length calculation
- reduced some unimportant textures' resolution, reducing file pack size by 35% (820K->530K)

v. 0.2.4:
- bug fix: there was an error in the Q/H (store A/B address register) command, missing bits 82 when hundreds position of decimal representation was zero ( /c/-/&__ instead of 0/r/!/?__)

v. 0.2.3:
- bug fix: grabbing left stack (NP) on 1402 punch only worked once

v. 0.2.2:
- many bug fixes
- tape write
- card im/export from PC file
- many additional commands, see
- 16K core memory
- adress format with addresses above 999 (like T0? for 13300) should work now (admittedly not thoroughly tested)
- special chars available on 026
- 1402 card read/punch now puches cards (unlike original 1402 even with text)
- complete BCD charset available, see and the poster on the 1401

v. 0.1.9:
- added a main menu (ESC)
- now graphic performance options available
- simple savegame system with 8 slots
- cat now walks around
- added multiplication (@) and division (%) command
- added compare (C) command and equal (B..S) / not-equal (B../) branch

for 'known issues' see documentation page

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