rolffson's 1401 datacenter 3D simulation


The simulation is an Unreal Engine 4 package. It works like a portable software, without a special installation routine.

download win64 version         2020-11-25 - v0.1.9   MD5: 31A0B9CA0218463417CE28D3956E8DD6 for the zip file

Installation: download the ZIP, unpack it into a folder, and start "The1401Room6.exe" in the main folder.

2021-06-13  CAUTION: just discovered bad bug in division (%) state machine.
                                         depending on values and number of digits the result sometimes is ok, but in most cases will make no sense
                                         pls. wait for further information before using; the fix ist already part of the next-to-be-released preview version

for a quick setup walkthru, see this video

The program has been checked with
Developed, tested and filmed on a system with Win10 64, GeForce 1080 on WQHD, i7 7700K, 16GB

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